Saturday, 13 July 2013

Introducing Letters

Dear Reader

If you were looking for a how-to you have arrived at the wrong place, but not to worry just click here to go to a google search that will help you with that.

Next if you were looking for alphas or fonts this isn't the place for them either. The links will take you to more searches to help you with those. I love alphas and font but won't be using any here.

So what is this for then? Well in truth sometimes I will lie on my bed and compose letters in my head about whatever I'm worrying about on that particular day, sometimes they are really short and other times I tend to ramble on for a long time. This morning I was looking at my blogs wondering what I was going to do with this one since I had only gotten it because I wanted to annex the url. You see that blog url belonged to one of my favorite blogs before I deleted my gmail account that was connected to it. The hows and whys of that is another whole post so I'm not going into it right now.

Anyway I got thinking, "Well I keep writing these letters in my head, and the end up forgetting them when they might actually have a use someday, so why don't I use that empty blog to keep all those letters in? That way after I'm dead or if I need to send one I will have it handy"

And thus this blog got it's name. The picture that is my header I found through a google image search and I loved it. I found it in all places on a blog called "The Art of Manliness". Go figure!

Thank you for coming by and taking a look and who know maybe you will find a letter here you want to share or better yet gives you an idea on a letter you would like to write yourself.